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Toyota FJ Cruiser Full Piping Seat Covers - Rear Seats

Toyota FJ Cruiser Full Piping Seat Covers - Rear Seats
Make selections below. Vehicles have many seat configurations, please look at your vehicle interior if you are not sure of the selections. Price is for a complete set (Driver & Passenger seat).
All the seat covers are designed for US Left Hand Drive vehicles only.
Select rear seats (OPTIONAL)
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Product Details

Seats made with full piping are available in these SEVEN SOLID DOUBLE SIDED COLORS with piping trim in any of our 24 solid colors.

  • 12 Solid Black
  • 17 Solid Tan
  • 235 Solid Mocha
  • 11 Solid Charcoal
  • 21 Solid Light Gray
  • 24 Solid Navy
  • 100 Solid Taupe
Seat Care Kit
Buy all three and save. Wet suit shampoo along with UV Protectant and Mirazyme will increase the life expectancy of your seat covers.
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