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Toyota Tacoma Realtree Seat Covers - Rear Seats

Toyota Tacoma Realtree Seat Covers - Rear Seats
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REALTREE®, ADVANTAGE Timber® & ADVANTAGE MAX-4® Camo Colors are High Definition camo patterns by Bill Jordan. All REALTREE® are created as shown above as a single pattern. We do not mix colors or create two-tone seat covers in these camo patterns. REALTREE® patterns are licensed and therefore cost more per set of seat covers.
Our RealTree® solid color car seat covers bottom and back are bonded to half inch thick foam for added comfort and protection. Our boxing neoprene is laminated with nylon on both sides, making it twice as strong. No rubber touches your seat material which is especially important with leather or vinyl seats.These seat covers are easy to install and use high quality quick connect fasteners and Velcro.
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