3 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Interior from KidsThere may be no worse feeling than knowing that your beautiful, new car is about to be trashed as soon as you bring it home and start driving the kids around. Whether your child is the messy type or not, you can expect your kids to cause a lot of accidents while they are bored in the back seats. Luckily, there are a number of ways to protect your car’s interior from kids. Here are three ways to do just that.


Car Seat Covers


We can’t stress this tip enough. Car seat covers were meant for the sole purpose of protecting your car’s seats. Spills, dirt, crumbs, spit up, water, and any number of other things are no match for the protection of our neoprene car seat covers. Quality car seat covers are custom sized for every make, model, year, and seat style. This ensures the perfect fitting, which is the most reliable way for car seat covers to protect the actual car seats.


Car seat covers are also much easier to clean than the traditional fabric or leather seat material. So when spills happen, and they will many times, you’ll be able to clean up the car seat cover much quicker than if you had to soak out a spill on cloth.


Bathroom Rug or Rubber Mats


The next splash zone after the seats, is the floor. The floor is also prone to getting soaked with muddy and wet shoes. Some people opt for something that is easily obtainable – a bathroom rug. Bathroom rugs are made to absorbant and make for a cheap way to protect the floor of your car. Just lay these down on the floor right in front of the back seats and take them out when they need washing. It’s a super simple solution.


Another solution is the cheap rubber mats that you can purchase for your car. These won’t absorb the water but they prevent it from ruining the actual floor of your car. Again, these can be removed when they need to be cleaned and can often be cleaned easily with a hose.


Remote Control Caddy


If you have young kids, their attention span is going to be much shorter than most car rides. The boredom will be excruciating to them. Most parents try to give their kids something to do during car rides, beyond just shoving an iPad in their face. A remote control caddy is a great storage solution and organizer to keep a handful of activities for your kid. Colored pencils, crayons, and other slim activities can neatly fit in these caddies, keeping it off the floor and in a designated spot.


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3 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Interior from Kids

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