The strange days of autumn are fast approaching. Saying goodbye to the warm and sunny weather can be heart-wrenching if you love to run around and play outdoors. However, the rainy fall season can also be a lot of fun. People have more time to gather together indoors and can build closer bonds by congregating together. Nevertheless, it is also an important time for you to carry out some maintenance on your vehicle to prepare for the rainy, overcast, and cooler weather. Let’s consider some key tips for fall car maintenance below.

Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall

#1: Update Windshield Wipers and Fluid

Visibility is a big problem in the autumn months when everything is overcast and soaked in heavy downpours. If your windshield wipers aren’t performing well, this will make it very difficult to see. Using a windshield washer fluid that repels water, such as Rain-X, can also help to improve visibility by forcing the water away from your line of sight. Using these items together and cleaning your windows thoroughly with a professional automotive glass cleaner will improve your autumn safety and reduce stress.

#2: Purchase Interior Protection

The wet fall weather can do some serious damage to your vehicle if you neglect to prepare. Protecting your upholstery with neoprene car seats will repel the water, cigarette burns, and spilled drinks, among other things. Protecting your interior carpets is also critical. The padding behind the carpets will absorb any moisture and muck. This can create a moldy interior smell and permanently stain the carpets a dingy color. Laser-measured floor mats are critical fall car maintenance accessories.

#3: Apply Hard Wax and Sealant

In order to protect your vehicle from the moisture and oxidation, you should thoroughly apply a hard Carnauba wax over it. A hard wax will repel the water, reduce microabrasions, and keep your paint looking like new for a long time with a rich candy-coated finish. In order to maintain the hard wax, you have to use a special car shampoo that will not strip the hard-wax coating from the vehicle. Using a sealant on any parts that can’t be waxed will help to prevent oxidation of those items. Apply a silicone polymer sealant to the underbody, exhaust parts, and anywhere else except the tires. You can apply it to the wheels to prevent the buildup of brake dust, however.

#4: Lubricate Your Locks

The colder weather can cause any friction in your door locks to wear them out much faster. If you add graphite to locks that require keys and use a white lithium grease to lubricate any hinges and latches, you will ensure smoother operation and water-resistance against corrosion.


When you carry out proper maintenance for the fall weather, you will thank y0urself when it comes time to trade in your vehicle or resell it. Many people fail to consider that automobiles are designed to get dingy and to wear out. The carpets that come in vehicles, for example, are designed for a dry desert climate, not the typical North American four seasons.
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Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall

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