Honda Civic Wet OkoleWe are proud to say that we have a seat cover for virtually every make, model, and year of automobile that is out there today. If you are looking to protect your car from the everyday elements, look no further that Wet Okole. We are confident that you will find a seat cover you love, for the car you need. Here is a list of out top ten seat cover makes.


Toyota is a pretty popular vehicle manufacturer so it is no wonder why this is one of our most popular seat cover makes. Whether you are cruising in your Prius or tearing up the road in the throwback Supra, we’ve got the seat covers to match your style.


Ford has been around a long time. We wish we could say that we had some Model T seat covers, but unfortunately that’s not the case. We do however have seat covers for the vast majority of makes, models, and years for Ford’s in recent history.


Your Chevy Corvette looks pretty incredible from the outside. We have the seat covers to make the inside just as awe inspiring. We can also deck your Silverado out to match your tough as rock lifestyle and protect your seats from the dirt and grime after a hard day’s work.


We know you are dying to take your Jeep off roading but are worried about the ensuing damage to the interior. That’s why we have the seat covers for a number of Jeep models.


The Dodge Charger is now well known as an automobile of the police force, but you can deck yours out in the colors other than red and blue with a Wet Okole seat cover.


This well known Japanese automaker has quite a lineup of cars and one of the most popular ones of the road; the Honda Civic. Luckily, you can make your Civic standout with tons of seat cover options turning your interior into your style.


The Cube, Leaf, and Juke makeup one heck of a unique lineup from Nissan. Despite their uniqueness, we still have car seat covers for them. If you are riding around in the sporty 350z, we got you covered too.


While it doesn’t have the popularity of Toyota, Subaru is becoming quite a household name with its lineup of SUV’s and other vehicles. We have seat covers for almost every model and year for Subaru.

For more information about protecting the seats of you car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

Is Your Car Make On The List? Our Most Popular Seat Cover Makes

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