Ford F150 Seat Covers
Ford F150 Seat Covers

Your car’s resale value is directly tied to the upkeep and maintenance you perform. Skip out on a bunch of oil changes and you can be sure your car’s resale value will drop. Neglecting to wash and wax your car can ultimately hurt your paint job. Ignoring the cleanliness of you interior is a surefire way to decrease the resale value of your car. In addition to keeping up with the maintenance items, there are ways to help retain the resale value of your car. One of those ways is by using car seat covers. Here are a few ways that car seat covers can increase the resale value of your car.

Protection from Stains

At Wet Okole, our car seat covers are made from neoprene, the same material that wetsuits are made out of. This means your car seats will have protection from stains. So whether your buddy is clumsily carrying three large sodas or your child is sipping on their juicebox, you can have peace of mind that you car seat will be protected should a spill happen.

Protection Tears

Our car seat covers protect you and your car from tears. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a grown man’s tears when seeing his sports car leather seat has been torn. By using our car seat covers, you are helping to prevent the fabric or leather of your seat from being exposed to things that can tear it. This includes bits of crumbs and sand which can actually create microtears that can eventually lead to a much more noticeable problem.

Protection from UV Rays

Finally, car seat covers help increase the resale value of your car because they protect your actual car seats from the sun’s UV rays. Over time and with prolonged exposure, the color of your car seat’s material will actually fade. Think of the car seat cover as sunscreen for your car. Keeping the interior of your car, including its vibrant colors is key to maintaining the resale value of your car.

For more information about protecting the seats of you car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

How Car Seat Covers Increase The Resale Value of Your Car

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