neoprene seat coversWe’re all looking for ways to make life just a little easier. There are a million and one things you need to do every week and cleaning out your car typically isn’t a high priority if it even makes the list at all. So let’s say you have finished a big chunk of your list and have finally gotten to the car clean out. If you’re like many of us, you mind end up turning away from your car and saying “I’ll get to that later”. It can look like a daunting task to clean up the crumb infested, sticky, item collecting car seats. That is where car seat covers come in. Having car seat covers can make your life easier. Here’s how.

Seam Crumbs

One of the hardest areas of your car to clean is the seams of the seat cover. These crevices are magnets for crumbs and dust. Your vacuum can do work on the floor for this little crevices are tougher. You have to switch attachments until you find the one that does the trick. Want to avoid this hassle altogether? Get a car seat cover. They are made from neoprene, the stuff of wetsuits, and make cleaning out the crumbs much easier. A typical car seat has fabric, leather, or some other material that does an exceptional job of trapping in the crumbs. Neoprene leaves the crumbs on the surface, making it much easier to vacuum or even wipe away the crumbs.

Juice Spots

If you have children or if you happen to spill like every other human being, you probably have witnessed the pain of trying to clean juice or some other sticky liquid from your car seats. It is not fun and it is not quick. Often times, your cleanup job doesn’t even do the trick. You still find residual sticky juice right where you thought your scrubbed. Again, this is where car seat covers make your life easier. Neoprene serves as protection for your car seats and makes cleaning up spills so much easier. Unlike a normal seat with fabric, the liquid won’t immediately be absorbed by the neoprene car cover, giving you time to wipe up the spill before the stain sets in.


Finally, car seat covers make your life easier when it comes time to selling your car. Whether you are selling it yourself or selling it to a dealer, the cleanliness matters. A clean car simply sells easier and for more money. It gives the appearance that you take great care of your car, which you do, don’t you? Now if you have had no covers on your car seats, you will likely need to do a huge, thorough, time-consuming cleaning. Alternatively you can fork over the cash to have it professionally detailed. But who has time or money for that? That is where car seat covers come in handy. If you have them now, when it comes time to sell, you can simply take them off. You now are looking at beautiful, like-new car seats.

So do yourself a favor and make your life easier by purchasing some Wet Okole car seat covers.

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This Is How Car Seat Covers Make Your Life Easier

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