Pet Car Seat CoverProtecting your car and its interior when you have kids can seem like a futile effort. There is no nook too small and no cranny too large that won’t be filled with crumbs, wrappers, sticky liquid, and probably a sock or two. The best way to keep your car from falling apart when you have kids, is to clean it up and keep it clean.

Over the Seat Organizer

One of the first things you can do to get your car in order is purchase a hanging over the seat organizer. This can be one that is dedicated for cars or even something like a shoe or remote controller organizer. By using this, you can keep all of your kids’ activities nicely stored in pockets along the back of the front seats. This way you won’t have a handful of crayons being left on the seat, only to roll around and into crevices.

Car Seat Covers

Another great thing to purchase if you have kids, is car seat covers. These neoprene protective seat covers will help prevent your actual car seats from becoming the next victim of your child. Spills and crumbs are an easy clean when you have these installed on your car seats. You also are protecting the actual seat fabric from stains and potential tears. Overtime, this helps to prolong the lifespan of your car and ultimately, retain the resale value.

Trash Bag

One important thing that every parent should have in their car is a trash bag or can. There is nothing worse than trash piling up in random corners of the car and on the floor of the car. Keeping your car clean of trash will help prevent odors from building and leaks from ruining the interior of the car. If you have a dedicated trash bin in the car, and everyone abides by using it, you can empty it each time you fill your car up with gas. This system will help keep your car looking like car and not like a wastebin.

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Cars and Kids: 3 Tips To Keep Your Car From Falling Apart

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