Great Gifts for Car Enthusiasts 2019

Christmas shopping for the car enthusiast in your life poses challenges. You want a mixture of choices that are practical and fun. Here is a list (mixed with practical and fun choices) of gifts for car enthusiasts.

Great Gifts for Car Enthusiasts 2019

Dash Camera

There are so many reasons why everyone (not just car enthusiasts) should have a dash cam. It can document accidents, prevent insurance fraud, and monitor driving performance (especially important if there is a teenage or inexperienced driver).

Phone Mount

While many car enthusiasts have blue tooth capability in their vehicles, there are still times it is helpful to have a phone mount especially when using Google maps or when accessing a playlist. (Even with a phone mount, driving and texting do not mix.)

Car Vacuum

There are some compact but powerful models that are shaped specifically to get a car’s hard-to-reach areas. It is not a glamorous gift, but given that car enthusiasts love a clean vehicle, it is a useful one.

Detailing Kit (or a gift card for professional detailing)

If the car enthusiast in your life is a hands-on person, a detailing kit is a great gift. However, some prefer to pay a professional to detail their vehicles. If you know what your car enthusiast prefers, you can purchase accordingly.

Inverted Umbrella

For the car enthusiast who is very particular about his leather interior, an inverted umbrella is the perfect choice. This umbrella opens outside the car while the user is still in the car. The inverted umbrella opens from the top (not the bottom like traditional umbrellas) so it keeps the water out of the car. That makes it among the must-have gifts for car enthusiasts.


Because a car enthusiast can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, consider purchasing sunglasses that match her style and taste.

Ultimate Car Racing Experience in Las Vegas

If budget and practicality are not factors, why not spring for an ultimate car racing experience in Las Vegas? The car enthusiast chooses and drives one of the fastest and most exotic sports cars in the world. What’s not to love about this gift?

There are many more gift ideas, particularly maintenance and emergency kits, that come in especially handy during the winter months. The car enthusiast in your life will love any gift you give him that helps him take care of his four-wheeled baby.            

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Great Gifts for Car Enthusiasts 2019

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