Hawaiian Car Seat coversAt Wet Okole, our number one priority is providing you with the best protection for your car seats. Our neoprene-based car seat covers not only look incredible, allowing you to customize your interior, but also serve a vital purpose of protecting your car seats, regardless of the material. But what happens to car seats that aren’t covered?


One of the most common things people do in their cars, other than drive, is eat. Whether you packed yourself a to-go mug of coffee, blended up a fruit smoothie, or picked up some quick fast-food, your car will likely have some food in it eventually. The problem with having all of those things in your car is that you’ll also likely spill at one point or another.

Have you ever tried to remove a raspberry juice stain from anything? Yea, it is pretty darn hard. If your car seat isn’t protected, that juice is going to stain your fabric car seat. If you have quality leather seats, you might be able to remove it in time but if left alone, it is going to get nice and sticky.


Another potential hazard of having seats that aren’t covered are tears. This won’t necessarily be a huge, crater-sizes tear down the middle of your seat back. It could be a microtear which is relatively difficult to notice but can be harmful to the integrity of your car seat material.

Dirt, crumbs, and sand can all contribute to microtears. The constant movement of your body against the seat with a crumb in between will cause it to move back and forth. Every so slowing, this constant grinding will wear away at the fibers of your seat’s material. These microtears can eventually lead to much larger holes and tears that are very noticeable to the naked eye.


Finally, without a car seat cover your car seats can also fade over time. The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on virtually anything that is outside. If you’ve ever owned a Little Tike’s slide, you might have seen this firsthand. The bright blue and orange/yellow coloring of the slide eventually fade to a dull bleached-blue and beige if the slide is left outside for a long period of time. The UV rays are simply too powerful for any material to hold their luster.

The same thing can happen to your car seats regardless of if you have fabric or leather seats. Eventually the sun can start to fade away the colors of the material, making them look dull and washed out.

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What Happens to Car Seats That Aren’t Covered?

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