leather car seat coversA lot of people opt for leather car seats because of the comfort, smell, and luxurious look of them. We don’t blame. Leather car seats are great. However, what most owners don’t understand is that leather car seats do require a lot of maintenance to keep that pristine look. If you don’t plan on maintaining those leather car seats, you will be disappointed with the look of them over time. To prevent degradation without maintenance you can use a Wet Okole car seat cover to protect your leather seats.

But what happens to leather car seats without covers?


One of the first things that can occur over time is the fading of the leather’s color. UV rays are extremely powerful and will affect your car when you are parked out in the open. With prolonged exposure, those UV rays can fade the color of your leather car seat. So that deep black might end up looking a little more like some used charcoal.

Drying Out/Cracking

Another common thing that will happen to leather car seats without covers is drying out, which can lead to cracking. Again, this is due to UV rays and lack of moisture. Think of it in the same way as you would when you are outside on a hot sunny day. If you aren’t wearing sunscreen you risk getting sunburn which essentially dries out your skin and caused it to start peeling and cracking. You have to constantly moisturize your skin in order to prevent it from drying out.

Your leather car seats act in the same way with the UV rays. The constant rays and heat will dry out. Without protection or proper care, the leather will reach a point where it can crack.


There is nothing more demoralizing than seeing a huge gash in your leather car seat. There really is no fixing that. You can bring it into a specialist to have it repaired but you can expect to spend a lot of money and receive a leather car seat that doesn’t look quite the same. Leather can easily be punctured by everyday objects like keys. A car seat cover can help by adding a layer of protection over the leather material.


Finally, a lot of people purchase leather car seats for that fantastic leather smell. Over time, that smell will dissipate. Without a cover or proper maintenance that smell will dissipate even quicker or even turn to a horrid smell from the natural oils and sweat on passengers’ bodies.

So if you plan to have leather car seats, you should also plan on purchasing a car seat cover or maintaining it regularly.

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What Happens To Leather Car Seats Without Covers?

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