Honda Civic Wet OkoleWear sunscreen. It is a common message heard from doctors, your mother, and especially Baz Luhrmann. Regardless of who you’ve heard it from, you’ve likely ignored it on one or more occasions. If you did ignore it, you probably paid the painful consequences of some serious sunburn. The unfortunate thing about the sun is that it doesn’t discriminate amongst surface types. So whether it is beating down on your skin or the interior of your car, the effects are quite similar. The sun can absolutely degrade the upholstery of your car.

Let’s first look at it from leather’s perspective. Leather is actually very similar to your skin. It was, in fact, the skin of an animal at one point. It has just been treated with certain items to create the look and feel that it has. Too much sunlight can really mess up leather in two ways: fading the color and drying.

The color fading is a problem because it may not happen evenly in your vehicle and it can be difficult to remedy. For example, if you have a rich mahogany coloring to your leather the sun’s rays can fade this so that it no longer has the rich, vibrant color. Depending on the direction you parked, the sun may hit a certain side of your vehicle harder than another, giving your seats a two-tone look. Trying to rebalance the colors means re-dying the leather. This is not an easy task.

Drying is an issue because it can cause cracking. Leather contains natural oils. When the sun beats down on the leather, the moisture from those oils can evaporate resulting in drying. When leather dries, it can stiffen and eventually crack, leaving unsightly cavities in your leather seats.

Similar to leather, the sun can cause fabrics to fade. This is especially true for darker seat colors. So if you have black, blue, or red fabric seats, you can expect them to gradually fade as the sun unleashes its powerful rays on it. Like leather, this is a very difficult situation to remedy. Faded fabric really needs to be replaced if you want the colors to match within your car.

The easiest solution to prevent heat from killing your car upholstery is to protect it with a Wet Okole car seat cover.

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Heat Can Kill Your Car Upholstery

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