How Do I Protect My Car’s Seats From Sweat?

Why Sweat?

Did you know that sweat, your body’s natural cooling system, is one of the reasons that your car stops having that new car smell?

Sweat is composed of mainly water and salt with added proteins, urea, and ammonia. Typically, sweat is odorless until it is mixed with bacteria found on our bodies.

Have you ever noticed a dark spot on your leather couch, purse, or car seat? The natural body oils and sweat are at a pH level that is substantially different than leather. When the surrounding pH levels are drastically different, they can compromise the integrity and structure of the leather.

Leather found in car seats can face great damage from exposure or consistent contact with sweat and since you cannot avoid or control sweating, some precautions must be taken to protect your seats.

How to Protect Your Car’s seats from Sweat

A quick tip/ temporary fix is to protect car’s seats from sweat (whether leather or cloth) is to keep a metallic blanket folded away in your car. After a long race or gym day, you can unfold it and use it as a barrier between you and the seat.

Towels are easy to have or throw in your trunk and are good for wiping down excess sweat from your body when needed. However, they are not water-resistant and therefore should not be laid directly on the car seat as liquid sweat is contained in the towel.

The only true way to protect car’s seats from sweat is to use custom car seat covers. Specifically, the best way to protect your car’s interior from sweat is to use seat covers that are made from neoprene.

Neoprene (wet-suit material) assists in preventing water damage, sun damage, and damage from sharp objects that my rip or tear a seat.

Wet Okole

Using a Wet Okole custom car seat cover not only protects your car from sweat and other forms of damage (liquid, sun, etc.), but also gives your car a complete look. The car seat cover includes a bottom and back that are bonded to thick foam to ensure added comfort and protection.

A few tips for protecting your car’s interior can be found, however, the most effective and long-lasting method of protection still remains as car seat covers. 

For more information about protecting the seats of your car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

How Do I Protect My Car’s Seats From Sweat?

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