Having a dog as a pet is fun and exciting as you get to take them with you on every trip and basically spend most your day with them. Problems arise when you put a dog in your car, and their hair gets stuck in the seats. Getting a car clean of dog hair is a real hustle especially for people with vehicles that have clothed seats. If your dog is a frequent passenger in your vehicle, the best step to take is dog-proofing your car against dog hair. As it is said, prevention is better than cure.

dog proof your car

Ways to keep your car clean of dog hair

There are many tricks that you as a car owner can implement to prevent dog hair from getting stuck in your seats. 

  1. Use seat covers- Covering your leather and cloth seats using durable seat covers is the easiest way to dog proof your car. Dogs scratch cloth seats and shed hair into them destroying the seats ultimately. Seat covers prevent this from happening since they can be removed and cleaned once they are dirty. 
  2. Use heavy quilts or bath mats to cover the floorboard carpet- Dogs tend to move a lot during car rides and end up on the floorboard especially in SUVs. You can protect the carpeted area by covering it with a heavy quilt that prevents hair from getting stuck in the carpet. You should ensure that the quilt or bath mat fits perfectly on the floorboard to prevent it from moving out of place. The quilt can be washed after it gets soiled by the dog.
  3. Dress the dog in a t-shirt if it is a heavy shedder- Some dogs shed a lot of hair out of nature. Dressing such dogs in t-shirts can help prevent their hair from hovering around in the car. This may not prevent all the hair, but it will take care of most of it.

Ways to clean dog hair from your car

Even after dog proofing your car, you may find that some dog hair founds its way onto the seats and floorboard. The hair can be removed using different ways such as;

  • Using a vacuum- Vacuuming the interior of your car is the best way of removing loose strands of hair stuck on car seats. The best vacuum to use is one which is hand-held. 
  • Using rubber gloves- Once you have gotten rid of the loose hair, use rubber gloves to remove the ones that have been embedded into the fabric of your car. You can do this by spraying your seats and carpet with water and then rolling your hand covered in rubber gloves over the seats. The hair gets stuck on the tips of the gloves. 
  • Using an inflated balloon- Run an inflated balloon over the seats, and it will attract the dog hair using static electricity. Balloons work best on loose dog hair on the seats.

Cleaning a car of dog hair may seem tiresome, but with these simple procedures, your vehicle will be looking clean as new. Ensure your car is thoroughly dog proofed to be safe.

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How to Clean and Dog Proof Your Car of Dog Hair

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