prolong life of car seat coverOwning a car is a pretty common thing. Maintaining that car is not quite as common. Many of us go about our daily lives never thinking twice about how to properly care for our car other than getting an oil change every once in a blue moon. That is, until you start to notice your car falling apart, hearing odd noises you’ve never heard before, and smelling things that shouldn’t be coming from your car. The unfortunate truth is that many of those warning signs and disasters could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

Today, we’ll focus on the interior of your car, more particularly your car’s leather seats. Having leather seats is a beautiful thing. They are sleek, have that great leather smell when new, and generally don’t require a ton of maintenance. With that said, leather does wear out over time. Therefore there are things you should do to help prolong the life of your car’s leather seats.

Wet Okole Seat Covers

Our first recommendation is to get yourself a Wet Okole seat cover. This is the perfect way to protect your leather seats from all of the water and grit you throw at it. So whether you’ve just had a swim in a chlorinated pool, surfed in the salty ocean, or didn’t have time to dry off after your shower, you can be certain that the neoprene cover will protect that leather from the water.

The seat covers will also help protect your leather from the sun’s harmful UV rays which can dry out and crack leather seats.

Crack a Window

In the summertime the interior temperature of a car heats up to incredibly high temperatures. The high temperature in the car can actually fade the leather in your car. By cracking a window, you are reducing the heat and pressure inside the car, letting your leather “breathe”.

Vacuum with Soft Extension

If you aren’t stickler for the “no eating in the car” policy, there is a good chance that your seats have a layer of crumbs on it. If the crumbs sit there long enough and become hard and stale, they actually can harm your leather. You and your passengers will continue to sit on them, moving them back and forth across the leather leaving teeny-tiny scratches. Overtime this can degrade the leather. So stick to a regularly scheduled vacuuming of your car using only extensions that have soft ends.

Use Old T-Shirts

You might be inclined to clean your car seats off with rags or paper towels. However, these actually can be harmful to the leather. Think about it for a second. Paper is made from wood. Wood can definitely scratch your seats. You are much better off using soft cotton t-shirts that are old to wipe off your leather seats.

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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Car’s Leather Seats

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