How to protect your car interior from dogsMan’s best friend can also be a car’s worst nightmare. Your fun, furry, four-legged friend is a great companion but is usually accompanied by dirt and mud if you bring them along for activities. Unfortunately this can lead to stains on your car’s seats and floors. So how can you protect your car interior from dogs? Let’s take a look at a few ways.


Fabric Guard


One way you can protect your car’s interior from dogs is to apply a fabric guard. These water and stain-resistant guards can protect your fabric seats from muddy paws or any potential accidents from a new puppy. They typically have long-lasting effects, making them a useful option for protection. The only word of caution on these is to check the ingredients. They will likely be composed of some mixture of chemicals and you’ll want to do your due diligence in checking if any of the ingredients can be harmful to your pet.


Car Seat Covers


A more permanent source of protection is to purchase car seat covers. For example, car set covers from Wet Okole are made from neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits. Our car seat covers can protect against all sorts of potential canine mishaps such as sand, dirt, mud, slobber, and wetness. They are a breeze to clean since they don’t even need to be removed. We also offer a specialized deodorizer to help remove that wet dog smell if your dog was out in the rain or enjoying the ocean.


Maintenance Products


Finally, you should always keep some standard maintenance products in your car if you travel frequently with your dog. A great one to have for dogs that shed is a lint roller. You can easily pick up all of the excess fur with a lint roller. Blankets and towels are another useful item to have on hand in your car. You dog can rest on a blanket and you can use the towels to wipe off dirty paws before they get into the car. Finally, you should have some odor eliminators handy. Wet dog isn’t a pleasant smell. It’s also not a pleasant smell when your dog decides to roll around in some unknown substance. The odor eliminator will help freshen up your car quickly.


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How to protect your car interior from dogs

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