beach car careIt is rare to find a person who does not enjoy a trip to the beach. The warm sun, sand between your toes, cool ocean breeze, and gulls singing in the background all make for one relaxing combination. While you and your family and friends are out enjoying a glorious day, your car is sitting in the lot taking an absolute beating. When your trip to the beach is over, your car will take another beating from your and your passengers. So if you plan on going to beach and having a car that weather the storm it brings, you need to protect it. Here’s why.


The Sun


While you are working on your tan, the sun is working your car seats into a fiery pulp. Okay, that was exaggerated but the truth is that your car seats don’t do well with the sun’s UV rays beating down on it. Over time, the sun’s rays can actually fade the color of your car’s seats. So that nice black is now a charcoal or that fancy cobalt grey is now a pasty grey.


In addition to causing fading, UV rays can also dry out and cause leather seats to crack. You’ve probably been witness to a car or two that had cracked leather seats. This is due to a lack of protection and maintenance. So don’t be afraid to be that car that hauls around the reflective windshield cover. Better yet, get seat covers that will protect your car from the sun’s rays altogether.


The Sand


As you and your passengers return from your trip, we can guarantee you that you will track sand into your car. It doesn’t matter how thorough you think you’ve been. You will find sand in your car after the beach. This seems relatively harmless at first but if you neglect cleaning it right after the trip, the grains of sand can actually damage your car seats. Grains of sand are tough and sharp, meaning that the constant shifting and grinding of them on a material can leave almost invisible tears in the seat, degrading the overall strength of the material.


Additionally, sand can slowly be ground down as it is stepped and sat on. These smaller particles are incredibly hard to clean, even with a vacuum. With a car seat cover, you can protect the actual material of the car seat from sand.


The Surf


Finally, those salty ocean waves you enjoyed swimming in so much can wreak havoc on your car’s seats. Even if you’ve toweled off, you most likely are not completely dry. As you and your passengers sit on the seats, the saltwater from your bathing suits will slowly absorb into the car seat’s material. Not only will this leave a longlasting saltwater smell in your car, but it can also stain the material of your car seats. The water molecules will eventually evaporate, leaving only the salt, heavily ingrained in the fibers of the seats. Wet Okole’s car seat covers are made from neoprene and will protect your car seats from absorbing any of the harmful saltwater.


For more information about protecting the seats of you car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

Love The Beach? Then You Need To Protect Your Car

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