Hawaiian Car Seat coversIt is easy for those of us that are uber-clean to disregard the idea of car seat covers. There won’t be any crumbs falling from our faces or dirt coming of our clothes. Unfortunately, while your cleanliness is admirable, you still need car seat covers.

While car seat covers make it easier to clean up particles such as crumbs and dirt, that isn’t their only purpose. They provide protection from other elements that can actually be more damaging to your car seats. You also might want to consider the fact that at some point, you are likely to sell your car. You’ll want the interior of your car to be in the best condition possible and car seat covers are one way to do that.

Water Protection

A common element that most folks don’t realize is detrimental to their car seats is water. Water is harmless right? Wrong. Water can contain tons of microbes that are harmful to the materials in your car. Additionally, water that soaks into fabric without the chance to air out can cause odors and even mold buildup. Mold can be hazardous to your health so it is best to prevent it, as remediating mold is challenging.

Water can also damage leather seats by leaving water spots, fading the dye, and even stretching it out. Leather absorbs water and this absorption can be a serious problem.

UV Ray Protection

Another common element that damages your car seats is the sun’s UV rays. It can have similar affects on your car seats as it does on your skin. Constant sunshine can dry out your car seats and cause the material color to fade. The effects on leather seats is worse as it can not only fade the color of the leather but also dry it out, causing it to crack. The same thing happens to your skin when it becomes overly dry.

Car seat covers create a protective barrier between the sun’s harmful rays and your car seats.

Your Passengers Aren’t Clean

Finally, let’s face it, your passengers aren’t clean. They don’t have the same amount of care and respect for your car that you do. They aren’t trying to be harmful either but the fact is that people don’t take as much pride in things that they don’t claim ownership over. Having car seat covers is just as much a protective measure against water and sun as it is from your passengers.

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Why You Need Car Seat Covers Even If You Are Super-Clean

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