New Year New Car: 3 tips for holding its valueSo you’ve purchased a new car for the new year. Congratulations! While it is easy to be excited about the present, you should still consider the future. Eventually, you are going to trade-in or sell the car you just purchased. With that in mind, you should always be mindful of keeping up your car to preserve its value. Here are 3 tips for holding your new car’s value.


Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance


One of the best ways to preserve your car’s value over a long period of time is to bring it in for regular maintenance. This is probably the single most important thing you can do for your vehicle. Read your owner’s manual to get an understanding of when your car needs to be brought in and for what tests. Oil changes typically occur every 5,000 miles or so depending on the vehicle. You’ll also have periodic checkups and replacements for things like brake pads. All of these seemingly small maintenance issues make a huge impact when it comes to selling your car. Not only will the records of maintenance help prove you’ve kept up your car, but your car will likely be in much better condition than someone who decided to get lazy with the maintenance.


Looks Matter


It’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to buying a used car, people will ignore what’s under the hood if the car’s exterior is in bad condition. For example, rust is an immediate deterrent to buyers. No one wants to purchase a car with rusted pain in the corners. For those living in cold climates where salt might be used, make sure to wash your car regularly. Regularly waxing your vehicle can also help protect it. You should also avoid, as much as possible, situations in which your car’s exterior could be harmed. Storing it outdoors or frequenting heavily trafficked areas like live events puts your car in harm’s way. If necessary, invest in a new paint job as it can greatly increase the visual appeal of your car and ultimately drive up the sales price.


Keep the Interior Clean


Grabbing a quick bite to eat while on-the-go is convenient, but doing so on a regular basis will likely result in some interior stains. Try your best to avoid eating in your vehicle as spills are bound to happen. This should be a rule for friends as well. They are much more likely to spill in your car simply because they don’t have as much stake in its cleanliness. Another option for keeping your interior clean is to install car seat covers. Neoprene covers help to protect against spills, dirt, sand, salt, and water making them a great option in preserving the value of your car.


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New Year New Car: 3 tips for holding its value

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