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There is no worse way to start the morning off than spilling coffee in your car during the morning commute. It is hot, sticky, and will most definitely stain if left uncleaned. Hopefully you aren’t running late for work because you are going to want to take care of the spill as soon as possible. Here are some tips for removing coffee stains from car seats.

Blot Immediately

Frantic scrubbing will do more harm than good when the spill occurs. Instead, you want to blot the stain, preferably with a wet cloth. You want the cloth wet so that you can somewhat dilute the stain. You also want to avoid having it dry out, which makes things more difficult.

Cleaning Solution

The next step is to apply a cleaning solution. There are various remedies including glass cleaner, a solution of water and dishwashing soap, or water with dish soap and white vinegar. If you are prone to spilling coffee, test the various solutions on an unnoticeable part of your car’s seat material to make sure that there aren’t any negative affects.

Now that you’re armed with the proper cleaning solution, it is back to blotting. Again, avoid scrubbing as this will only spread and force the coffee deeper into the fibers. Blot for a while and then let the solution sit in.

Dry It Out

Your next step is to grab a new, dry rag and commence blotting stage three. Hopefully the solution has had its time to set in, allowing you to dry blot away the stain easily. After you’ve blotted for a while rinse with a little bit of cold water and continue to blot until relatively dry. The wetness will make it seem unclean until fully dry but as long as most of the brown discoloration is out, you are in pretty good shape.

Of course, if you are prone to spilling it might be best to take a more preemptive approach to keeping your car seats clean. Purchasing a car seat cover from Wet Okole will protect your car seats from all types of spills. Our neoprene seat covers, made from the same materials as wetsuits, helps you easily clean up spill since they won’t soak in as they would with normal car seat material.

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Tips For Removing Coffee Stains From Car Seats

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