How to care for car seat upholstery

When it comes to automobiles, there are options galore. All of these options can sometimes make your head spin, especially if you aren’t familiar with them. One selection you will likely make will be the seat upholstery in your car. So what are the types of car seat upholstery and how do you care for them?


We’ll start with the least likely option; suede. This once popular choice is a cloth-based fabric and actually quite a nice choice. Soft and cottony, suede makes for quite a comfortable choice when it comes to your upholstery. The positives tend to end there however. The fabric just doesn’t get much play these days because of how easily it stains and its lack of durability. Caring for this upholstery can be challenging because of these two characteristics.


Nylon is a very common fabric used for seat upholstery. This weaved fabric is extremely durable and much harder to tear. It has great stain resistance properties, making spill clean ups a piece of cake. Caring for nylon is relatively easy as well. You can vacuum crumbs and dirt with a standard vacuum and its extensions. Wash the seats with detergent and hot water, wiping away the detergent with cold water. You can then let the seats air dry.


Another common upholstery, vinyl is non-porous making it relatively waterproof. Cleaning can be as simple as wiping down the vinyl with a damp towel. For tougher stains you might have to use a vinyl specific cleaner.

Faux Leather

Fake leather is extremely appealing to some because it gives the appearance of leather without the cost of leather. It is also very customizeable since it is manufactured synthetically, as opposed to real leather. Caring for fake leather is extremely easy. Use your favorite feather duster to do routine cleaning of the seats. You can wipe up spills and messes easily because faux leather doesn’t stain easily. The durable material also makes tears difficult to come by.


For those that want their interiors to be on the more luxurious side, leather is the way to do. That fresh leather smell is hard to beat and impossible to replicate. Leather is relatively durable but caring for it is challenging. You have to use leather specific products when maintaining or cleaning your leather seats. You should always use a clean cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or oils that may have gathered on the upholstery. Using leather conditioner helps to prolong the life of your leather seats by preventing it from drying out and cracking.


Polyester is probably the most common upholstery material after nylon. This fabric is soft and mimics suede, making it another comfortable choice. Unfortunately, cleaning is a bit more challenging. The material is very porous, meaning that spills should be cleaned up immediately or else they can soak in and stain the fabric. To best care for polyester, you should use a damp cloth with a polyester specific cleaning solution. Some gentle soaps can be used, such as baby soap. Over-wetting the material can also cause water stains to show up, so be fairly conservative with your cleaning.

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Types of Car Seat Upholstery and How To Care For Them

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