Pet Car Seat CoverWe’ve been asked on a number of occasions how we get our amazing seat cover patterns. People also ask us how many patterns we have and how much variety we have in terms of the designs. To help answers those questions, we’ve put together this little fact sheet for you.

We gather our patterns or templates from a wide variety of sources.



SEMA measuring sessions and meetups are one of our sources. This great organization provides cutting-edge tools and accessories all geared around added enjoyment to vehicle ownership. Without SEMA we wouldn’t be able to measure many of the major vehicles as they offer are 20-30 vehicles per year.


Neighbors, Friends, Family


It may come as a surprise to those not familiar with our organization but we get some of our seat patterns from friends, employee family members, and even neighbors. We are very proud of the products we provide and we love sharing it with those that we know. They share our pride and are gracious enough to let us access their vehicles for a day so that we can modify and make necessary measurements for patterns.


Craigslist or eBay


One of the ways we also get measurements are by purchasing the seats off of sites such as Craigslist or eBay. This is especially useful if those seats are needed for airbag testing which can be difficult as it is very difficult to find a seat or pair of seats in which the airbags have not been deployed.


Local Automobile Dealerships


Another way that we get patterns for vehicles is through relationships with automotive dealerships. We currently have great relationships with Orange Coast Jeep, South Coast Subaru/Acura, and Santa Ana Auto Malls dealerships.


Walk-In Customers


Another way we get patterns is from our walk-in customers at our Costa Mesa retail store. This has been an incredibly pivotal way for us to get patterns for popular new vehicles. If we don’t have a pattern for a specific vehicle, we ask our customers if we can have the vehicle for a day by appointment and offer 50% off for the seat covers they would like to purchase for the entire car, truck, van, or SUV they own.


Here at Wet Okole Hawaii, we make about 120 different patterns per year. We currently have well over 6,000 vehicle specific patterns. Check out our your vehicle on our website or give us a call at 888-246-5653.

Where Does Wet Okole Get Its Car Seat Patterns?

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