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Wet Okole Seat Shampoo

Wet Okole Seat Shampoo
Make selections below. Vehicles have many seat configurations, please look at your vehicle interior if you are not sure of the selections. Price is for a complete set (Driver & Passenger seat).
All the seat covers are designed for US Left Hand Drive vehicles only.

Product Details

<b>Wet Okole Hawaii Wet Suit Shampoo ($8.00 Each)</b>- Highly concentrated seat <br> cover shampoo cleans and conditions all neoprene products. Regular <br> cleaning leaves your seat covers free of organic residue and <br> salt deposits. The conditioning agents help prevent premature <br> aging and oxidation while maintaining your colors. Wet suit <br> shampoo along with UV Protectant and Mirazyme will increase <br> the life expectancy of your seat covers.<br>