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Chevrolet Corvette Full Piping Seat Covers

Chevrolet Corvette Full Piping Seat Covers
Make selections below. Vehicles have many seat configurations, please look at your vehicle interior if you are not sure of the selections. Price is for a complete set (Driver & Passenger seat).
All the seat covers are designed for US Left Hand Drive vehicles only.
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Seats made with full piping are available in these SEVEN SOLID DOUBLE SIDED COLORS with piping trim in any of our 24 solid colors.

  • 12 Solid Black
  • 17 Solid Tan
  • 235 Solid Mocha
  • 11 Solid Charcoal
  • 21 Solid Light Gray
  • 24 Solid Navy
  • 100 Solid Taupe
Add Rear Map Pockets. Please preview image before making a selection Preview Image Add Wet Okole's exclusive pockets to the back of your front seats. Choose driver, passenger or both sides at only $10.00 each. Conveniently store maps, trip guides or other important papers needed while traveling.
Add Gun Tote Preview Image Or Wallet / Cell Phone Pockets Preview Image
WARNING: Wet Okole advices not to leave any loaded weapons in vehicles where children or untrained personal may inadvertently discharde a weapon. SAFETY IS OUR ULTIMATE CONCERN.
Do you want lumbar support for the front seat backs?
Do you experience discomfort or low back pain while driving? Wet Okole can add an Ortho-Air Cushion System to your seat covers which would provide individualized custom lumbar support, comfort, and relief at a touch of a button. These air cushions, when installed behind our neoprene seat covers are virtually invisible and will provide the ability to contour the lumbar area of your automobile seat.
Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters Slipping right over your existing car seats, our heated custom seat covers are the quick and easy way to affordably add the luxury of heated seats with a custom built-in look. Parallel heating fibers ensure long life and dependability. With conventional seat heaters, any abuse that breaks the heating wire shuts off the entire heater; the same abuse with our carbon fiber seat heaters would only render a small portion of our heater inoperative so the driver will still be cozy and warm. Ultra thin carbon fibers mean no bulky and uncomfortable wires. Other than the soothing warmth there's nothing to make the driver or passenger think their seats are out of the ordinary!
Add Sunglass Pouch Preview Image
Add Adjustable Safety Pet Leash (Preview Image 1) (Preview Image 2)
Seat Care Kit
Buy all three and save. Wet suit shampoo along with UV Protectant and Mirazyme will increase the life expectancy of your seat covers.
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