Auto Seat Cover FAQ

I live in Southern California. Will you install my seat covers?

We are located in Costa Mesa. If it is convenient for you, we will be happy to install your seat covers free of charge at our installation facility. When you order request an appointment for installation in the comments box for the seat covers you choose. We will call you to set up an appointment.

I live in Hawaii. Can I order online?

Yes we gladly take online orders from Hawaii.

Are Wet Okole Seat covers truly waterproof?

There are areas where water could leak. Cut-outs for seat belts, buttons, headrest posts are essentially holes and water will leak through a hole. Standing water will also eventually leak through seams. Wet Okole seat covers will protect your seats from wet bathing suits, wet suits, and other summer and winter sports clothing that gets wet in normal use.

Do I have to remove my seats to install Wet Okole seat covers?

In most cases for front seats you won't have to remove your seats, however most rear seats require removal. Installation instructions will be included with your seat covers and you can call 1-888-246-5653 between 8 and 4 PM Pacific time for technical help.

Are armrests and headrests covered?

Yes we make covers for both and they are included with your seat covers. They are easily installed with velcro fasteners.

I have map pockets on the back of my front seats, will they still be usable?

No they will be covered and not accessible.

Do seat covers fade?

Use Wet Okole UV protectant to substantially reduce fading. Ultra-Violet Radiation damages more than just your skin. With prolonged exposure to the sun, your seat covers can become damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. Fortunately, there is a product that is known as Wet Okole Hawaii Seat Cover UV Protectant. Our UV Protectant reduces damage and fading from the sun, replaces lost plasticizers, protects for easy cleaning with wet suit shampoo and improves appearance by enhancing the color. We have tested our UV Protectant extensively on our seat covers and found that using the UV Protectant in warmer climate areas greatly increases the life expectancy of our seat covers. Wet Okole UV protectant can be purchased directly from us or any other Wet Okole Hawaii seat cover dealer. This product along with wet suit shampoo will help extend the life of your seat covers.

How do I clean my seat covers?

The more you wash, the longer they last. Washing your Wet Okole Hawaii seat covers will ultimately extend the life of your seat covers. Wet suit shampoo was specifically designed for cleaning and conditioning neoprene products. Cleaning with wet suit shampoo removes organic residue, micro-organisms and salt deposits that contribute to the deterioration of neoprene. Conditioning with wet suit shampoo helps prevent excessive drying, premature aging and oxidation of neoprene while continuing to keep the colors bright. Since Wet Okole Hawaii seat covers are waterproof, just wash the seat covers right on the vehicle. No hassles of taking the seat covers on or off. Combine water with your wet suit shampoo. Use a lint-free cloth and wash your seat covers thoroughly. Rinse your seat covers with fresh water and towel dry. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR DETERGENTS CONTAINING BLEACH! DO NOT USE A BRUSH or MACHINE WASH! HAND WASH and AIR DRY ONLY! Wet suit shampoo can be purchased directly from us or any other Wet Okole Hawaii seat cover dealer.

How can I remove odors?

Due to the extraordinary use by hunters, fisherman, athletes and pet owners, Wet Okole Hawaii offers an odor eliminator called Mirazyme. Mirazyme eliminates any odor naturally through a microbial process that is 100% biodegradable. This odor eliminator used in conjunction with wet suit shampoo will eliminate any odor and give you a fresh set of seat covers after every wash. Mirazyme can be purchased directly from us or any other Wet Okole Hawaii seat cover dealer. This product along with wet suit shampoo will help extend the life of your seat covers.

I installed my seat covers and they have wrinkles.

If you have received our Seat Covers with a crease or a wrinkle after you have installed them, don’t worry. These wrinkles should come out during the first few weeks of use.