Seat Cover Safety

At Wet Okole Hawaii your safety is important to us. We test all of our seat covers for air bag compatibility.


Ask the competition if their seat-covers have been tested!
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Wet Okole seat covers are tested for seat airbag compatibility.

Wet Okole Hawaii make special seat covers for seat deployed airbag compatibility. Be sure to order the correct seat covers for your make and model vehicle. Wet Okole Hawaii cannot be held responsible if you order the wrong seat covers for your vehicle.

Wet Okole seat covers have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with seat airbag systems. This ensures that in the event of an accident, the airbags will deploy safely and without any issues or malfunctions. Wet Okole uses a combination of testing methods and technologies to guarantee their seat covers are suitable for use with most vehicle airbag systems.

First, Wet Okole seat covers are tested for tear strength and abrasion resistance. This testing helps determine how resilient the material will be under high pressure, which is essential to ensuring airbag deployment is effective. Any stresses that would cause the material to tear or fray can impact airbag deployment.

Wet Okole designs also take the time to ensure the material used is thick enough to absorb the force of inflating airbags and distribute the force adequately upon deployment. The material should also be stiff enough to ensure that the airbag deploys properly, and in the correct direction.

Lastly, Wet Okole engineers work with vehicle manufacturers to make sure the fit of the seat covers conforms to the vehicle�s safety standards. These tests ensure that airbags will deploy in the right direction and align with the vehicle's airbag housing to ensure optimal safety and protection.

Overall Wet Okole seat covers have been rigorously tested to ensure they are compatible with seat airbags. The tests are done to ensure that the seat covers will not interfere with the deployment of the airbags. Wet Okole uses environmental test chambers and methods established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to simulate the deployable-force requirements of all airbag types. They also perform physical tests to ensure that the fabric and cover thickness does not block the airbag deployment force. The covers are then subjected to hundreds of hours of dynamic testing in real-world environments to ensure that the seat covers will properly perform in extreme temperatures, harsh UV exposure, and more. The covers are also tested for abrasion resistance, compression, and buckle strength. All of these tests and precautions ensure that Wet Okole's seat covers are safe to use with seat airbags.