Hawaiian Car Seat coversYour car seats take a beating from the usage they get. Back seats and front seats are subject to some pretty heavy wear and tear if you don’t make a conscious effort to maintain them periodically. For car owners, cleaning the interior of their car after a 2 year span without, can be a nightmare.

Here are some tips for deep cleaning cloth car seats.

Take Out the Trash

First, you’ll need to start emptying your car of all of the trash; loose napkins, paper clips, pens, coins, receipts, etc. They all have to go. You’d be surprised how clean your car can look when all of the miscellaneous clutter is gone.


Once you’ve emptied your car of larger trash, vacuuming is a must. Beyond the obvious crumbs that will have collected on your seats and in the crevices, you’ll be vacuuming up all sorts of other things. There is a good chance you’ll vacuum up hair (pet or human), sand, dirt, and dust. It is best to use an extension so you can really get into all of the crevices. Again, you’ll be surprised just how clean your interior can look after a thorough vacuuming.

Save that vacuum for later. You’ll want to use it again after the wet washing.


For cloth car seats, there are a number of shampoos that are designed specifically for the material. The shampooing will help extract any dirt and grime nestled in the fabric itself. Make sure you allow yourself ample time for drying before giving your car another date with the vacuum.

Stain Removal

Hopefully you won’t have too many stains to remove but more likely than not, you’ll have some in need of removal. There are a number of products made for cloth stain removal but you should always try out the substance in an obscure area prior to applying to a stain in plain sight. Once you’ve pre-treated the stain, you can wash it out with another round of shampooing.

Prevent the Need for Deep Cleaning

If this all sounds like a giant hassle to you (which it is), we advise that you purchase yourself car seat covers from Wet Okole. Our car seat covers will help to protect your car from spills, dirt, crumbs, and more.

For more information about protecting the seats of you car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

Tips for Deep Cleaning Cloth Car Seats

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