Car Inventions We’re Thankful For

During this glorious time of year, it is important to reflect on what we are grateful for, and that includes car inventions.

Here are a few notable ones that we couldn’t imagine living without.

1. Power steering

The giant steering wheels that required a lot of effort to maneuver are thankfully gone. Now you can easily steer the car with one hand while holding food or drinks in the other hand.

2. Air conditioning

Call us pampered, but there is no nostalgia for the days of opening the car window to let more hot air in while your skin was sticking to the leather seats in your car. Air conditioning improves the quality of life for everyone on a summer road trip.

3. Power windows

Cranking the window was once time-consuming and laborious. Thank goodness that process was replaced with a push of a button, and let’s not overlook the importance of being able to control all the windows from the driver’s console.

4. Windshield wipers and wiper fluid

Yes, there was a time that windshield wipers were not on cars. Imagine navigating the road on a rainy or snowy day without this spectacular innovation. And the wiper fluid cleans the windows because let’s face it no one likes to wash windows. The mess from a bird who decided to have a bowel movement on your windshield can be easily cleaned with the wipers and fluid. Kudos to the van and SUV manufacturers who put windshield wipers on the back window which was once dirty all of the time.

5. Fold down rear seats

This one is so simple yet so important. The ability to haul things in your vehicle that would not normally fit because the seats were in the way is a lifesaver.

6. Head rests and cup holders

These two are grouped together because they provide comfort, and who doesn’t like comfort when spending hours in the car. Resting your head and having a spot for your favorite beverage are life’s little pleasures.

7. GPS

One of the newest car inventions is revolutionary. It simply prevents you from getting lost. Make a wrong turn, and GPS redirects you. Written directions and maps were never able to provide that luxury.

This list of car inventions is not exhaustive, and there are so many to be grateful for.

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Car Inventions We’re Thankful For

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