Honda Civic Wet OkoleWe can all agree that without protection, your car’s seats are going to take a beating. Your seats fall victim to wetness, spills, crumbs, melted ice cream, key scratches, and much more. Protecting your car seats helps protect the integrity of your car and can be a huge help when you are looking to resell it down the road. The fabric or leather that comes standard with your car can remain pristine if you use a car seat cover. Without one, its condition rests solely in your hands and the hands of your passengers.

However, there is one question that we receive regarding our car seat covers that makes some people hesitant to purchase them at first. Are car seat covers safe?

The short answer is yes; our Wet Okole car seat covers are safe. But let’s look into why they are safe.

The Same As Fabric Over Your Seat

For starters, our car seat covers are essentially another layer of material over the frame of your car seat. Our neoprene-based covers don’t obstruct the car seat or its function in any way. You can almost think of it as you would a phone case. It adds a layer of protection over the phone but does not affect the usage of that phone in any way.

Our car seat covers are fitted for every make, model, and year. We don’t produce a “one-size-fits-all” car seat cover, as that is where safety would start to become an issue.

Airbag Testing

Another important safety factor that we absolutely needed to take into consideration was airbag compatibility. We test all of our seat covers to ensure that they are airbag compatible. We even make special seat covers for seat deployed airbags. When you are ordering, as long as you have chosen the correct make and model, your seat cover should function perfectly with your seat and its airbag deployment.

So to summarize, our Wet Okole seat covers provide added protection for your car seats, while keeping your car as safe as it was when you bought it. Our seat covers do not do anything to hinder the safety measures already found in your vehicle.

For more information about protecting the seats of you car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

Are Car Seat Covers Safe?

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