Pet Car Seat CoverThere is nothing quite like taking a cruise with your four-legged friend. Watching them hilarious pop their heads out of the windows to catch the breeze never gets old. What does get old, is cleaning up after them when they’ve made a mess in your car. The fur, the mud, bugs, and tons of other things they bring into the car after a day outside can really get tough to clean.

Luckily, car seat covers can help eliminate some of that clean up time and prolong the life of your car seat.


Taking your dog to the beach for a swim is always a good time. That is, until they decide to shake off in the car. Wet Okole’s car seat covers are made out of neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits. These covers are fitted perfectly for almost every make and model car out there. So if your dog decides to shake off in the car, your seats are protected. You on the other hand, are not.

Waterproofing your car seats will help prevent odors from forming. You know the wet dog smell isn’t pleasant and having it in your car for weeks is less than ideal. You can easily towel off the seat your dog was in once you’ve reached your destination.

If it was a trip to the ocean, your dog can drip saltwater onto the seats. The water itself won’t necessarily harm your seats; it will just make them smell. Salt on the other hand can harm your car seats. You’ll begin to see salt rings once the water has dissipated. These salt spots are not easy to clean out of standard car seat materials.


Another reason why car seats are a great reason for dog owners is simply to protect the fabric of the seat. Neoprene is a pretty stretchy, resilient material. Your car’s seat fabric isn’t. Your dog may accidentally tear the fabric with their nails if they jump in too quick.

Overall using a car seat cover will help to prolong the life of your car seats. You’ll be able to keep them cleaner and safer, helping to maintain resale value in the future.

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Have A Dog? Get A Car Seat Cover

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