Will Car Seat Covers Protect Leather Seats?

If you have nice leather seats in your car, you may want to protect them. What if you have children that ride in your car? What if you need to transport a large object? Different factors can pose a threat to your leather seats, so you may wonder if car seat covers will protect your leather seats. Here are a few ways that they do.

Protection from Sunlight

If you have leather seats, you will face potential issues from the sun. Sunlight can cause permanent damage to leather seats by making the color fade and weakening the leather. This could pose problems since it will heavily affect the leather seats over time while also making them look worse.

By getting a cover, you won’t have to worry about sunlight hitting your leather seats. They will remain the correct color and also avoid any unnecessary damages. After all, you can’t avoid sunlight entering your car through the windows, so you should protect your leather seats with a car seat cover.

Protection from Water

Many people will have water in their car. You may get thirsty as you drive or you may have people in your backseat who have water bottles with them. If this is the case, then you run the risk of water getting into your car and ruining your leather seats. To add to this, rain can pose a danger to your leather seats as well.

Luckily, you can purchase a car seat cover made of neoprene. Since this is the same material used for wet-suits, it will help to protect your leather seats from water damage. Since you can’t always avoid water entering your car, especially on a rainy day, these covers will help to protect your leather seats.

Prevent Piercing

You may face potential dangers with sharp objects or other objects piercing your leather seats. This can include small objects, such as pins, to unexpected larger objects catching onto the leather seats. Such piercing or cuts would cause permanent damage to the seats since you would have to replace the leather seats.

While a cover won’t completely prevent piercing and cuts, it will help to protect your seats from them. A car seat cover will add an addition layer that sharp objects have to go through, so this can help to prevent any unwanted damages to your leather seats. By not having a seat cover, you run the risk of permanently damaging your seats.


In short, yes, a car seat cover will protect your leather seats from damage. If you purchase neoprene, then you gain the added benefit of protecting your seats from potential water damage. If you have leather seats that you want to protect from sun, water and sharp objects, then you will want to purchase car seat covers.      

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Will Car Seat Covers Protect Leather Seats?

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  • January 29, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    Can I order just the rear seat bottom. seat back not required?

  • January 23, 2022 at 7:50 pm

    Looking for g-wagon seat covers – 2020 – to protect the leather seats. They are a beige. I’m not sure it’s under the ‘model’ category. Thanks

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