Our custom neoprene backed car seat covers are designed to fit every popular model of car, van or truck. They do not get hot in the summer or cold in the winter. They are completely waterproof and fit your seats like a glove. We manufacture our seat covers in the USA using the finest materials. We offer color combinations to match most car interiors. These seat covers are easy to install and use high quality quick connect fasteners and Velcro.


They are designed with separate covers for head rests and arm rests. Our neoprene has nylon bonded to both sides for easier installation, better fit and ultimate protection. We use only the best quality CR 100% neoprene. Others use SBR imitation neoprene.

Benefits of Honda Civic Seat Covers

Thursday, December 16th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Seat Covers

If you are looking to jazz up your Honda Civic with some brand new seat covers, there are plenty of options available to you.  But first things first:

Why Choose Seat Covers?

There are a lot of reasons you might consider buying Honda Civic seat covers. If you’re  a busy mom who hears  “uh-oh” coming from the back seat a little more often than you ‘d like, car seat covers are a great way to get those seats looking new again. If you want the luxury of leather without paying a fortune to include it in your new vehicle, seat covers could be a great money saving choice. No matter your situation or your needs, chances are there are some Honda Civic seat covers for you.

How Much Do Seat Covers Cost?

The cost of seat covers depends greatly on the kind of material you prefer. If you are going for velour or something waterproof, you will probably end up paying a little less than $200 dollars for two covers (keep in mind that this number will double if you want covers for the back seat as well).  If you have your eye on sheepskin, leather, or another high end material for your Honda Civic seat covers, expect the price to range from $300 to $400 dollars for two.

Are Seat Covers Easy To Maintain?

Maintenance depends on the material of the covers. Materials such as vinyl, waterproof fabric, and even leather can be cleaned quite easily with a damp rag. Textured materials such as velour, sheepskin, or fur can be harder to clean. Maintenance will depend on the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Where Can I Find Seat Covers?

Honda Civic seat covers are readily available on our website. There are many sites that are specifically dedicated to selling seat covers for cars and trucks, and the selection is extremely wide. This is especially true for very popular family cars like the Honda Civic. Just shop around for bargains and try to purchase all your seat covers at once. Some covers are made together in dye lots, and the coloring can vary between each lot. Ordering all your Honda civic seat covers at once can insure there are no unwanted variations in color.

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