Ford Transit Connect seat covers will soon be available for owners of the new electric-powered automobile from Ford Motor Company. The vans were in transit as of early December 2010 “to certain customers in North America,” according to the Wall Street Journal. This initial demonstration project will also be tried out in the United Kingdom, though a bit later. Wet Okole anticipates the popularity of the new van will grow quickly among companies, who need more room and greater cost efficiency out of their transportation.

The new Ford Transit Connect is a result of a partnership among the auto manufacturer and its colleagues Azure Dynamics and AM General. The vans were converted at the AM General plant in Michigan. Ford supplied the vehicle bodies, while Azure came through with what it’s calling the “Force Drive” powertrain, which is operated entirely by battery. The first products for customers rolled off the assembly line just 13 months after the project was made public, the auto manufacturer said.

Wall Street Journal reports that the New York Power Authority, Southern California Edison, Johnson Controls Inc., Canada Post, Toronto Atmospheric Fund EV300, AT&T, and Xcel Energy, were the first seven companies to claim the vehicles for their own. Further customer announcements are expected from Ford in the coming month. Wet Okole has made available Ford Transit Connect seat covers to coincide with the rollout. To date, it’s one of the only places where Connect owners will be able to find covers for their new addition.

The Ford Transit Connect is planned as a vehicle strictly for commercial customers, meaning average consumers will not have the opportunity to purchase one. However, the commitment to alternative energy is apparent as the auto manufacturer plans to sell other models of electric passenger car in the coming year. Mitsubishi, General Motors Co., and Nissan, announced similar plans as well.

Ford Transit Connect seat covers are the next step to having an all-electric auto companies can be proud of. As a leader in the seat cover industry, Wet Okole plans to provide Ford’s commercial customers with every available protection for the inside of the vans. Together, the duo hopes to get new drivers used to the all-electric alternative. Ford Transit Connect seat covers are a step forward in announcing a new arrival to the transportation world that is here to stay.

Ford Transit Connect Seat Covers

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