Ford F150 Seat Covers
Ford F150 Seat Covers

First, we want to applaud your decision on purchasing or at least considering the purchase of car seat covers. This means you already have taken steps to care for your actual car seats. You won’t regret your decision, especially when it comes time to sell your car and the interior still looks pristine.

It may seem like a vicious cycle, but now that you’ve taken care of your car seat, you need to take care of its cover. As much as we’d like to say our car seat covers waver only in the presence of kryptonite, that would be untrue. However, caring for your car seat covers is extremely easy with the help of our seat cover care kit. This kit contains the Wet Okole essentials; seat shampoo, UV protectant, and MiraZyme.

Wet Okole Seat Shampoo

Our seat shampoo does pretty much what you’d expect your hair shampoo to do. It cleans and conditions the neoprene material of our car seat covers. Throughout its use, a car seat, and subsequently a car seat cover can start to have a build up of organic residue and salt deposits. Anytime “residue” and “deposits” are used in the same sentence, you know there is some clean up needed. Our seat shampoo helps remove these nasty residues and deposits and helps to prevent early aging and oxidation of the neoprene. This means your seat cover’s original vibrance will be maintained.

Wet Okole UV Protectant

Our UV protectant does for your car seat cover what sunscreen does for your skin. It helps block out the sun’s harsh and harmful rays. While your car seat won’t get a gnarly sunburn, it can damage and fade overtime if the sun continually beats down on it. The UV protectant helps to replace lost plasticizers and protects the neoprene.

Wet Okole MiraZyme

For those that bathe infrequently, this one’s for you. Actually, it is really meant for every car seat cover owner. MiraZyme is an odor eliminator. This 100% natural and biodegradable product eliminates odors on the microbial level. This product is able to penetrate the thin layer of nylon on the seat covers and eliminate any odors that exist. So even if you don’t have the “new car smell” going for you, at least you won’t have that “moist gym bag smell” going for you either.

Used in conjunction, these products will help protect your car seat covers, keep them vibrant, and prolong their life expectancy.

For more information about protecting the seats of you car, visit our website or call us at 888-246-5653.

How To Care For Your Car Seat Covers

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