prolong life of car seat coverFirst of all, excellent choice on getting some car seat covers. These covers will help to keep your car clean and the upholstery in your car from getting ruined by spills, saltwater and more. Now that you’ve prolonged the life of seats of your car, how do you prolong the life of the car seat cover?

We’re so glad you asked.


First, let’s address some main areas of concern. Especially here in Southern California, concerns over fading are legitimate. The sun often can have an impact on many materials and cause their colors to fade over time. The UV rays from the sun are no different when it comes to your car seat cover. That is why we recommend purchasing and applying Wet Okole’s UV Protectant. This very inexpensive applicant can substantially reduce fading and increase the life expectancy of your car seat cover dramatically.


For hunters, fisherman, pet owners, and those who refuse to shower, smell can often be a detriment to anything that can absorb scent such as upholstery. For those who are expecting to have some not-so-pleasant smells in the car, we recommend our Mirazyme odor eliminator. This applicant naturally eliminates odors through a microbial process. That means you are not just masking the smell with some common spray, but rather eliminating the microbes that cause the smell.


As with most things in life, cleaning helps prolong the life of a product. Whether it is a shirt, power tool, cooking apparatus, or virtually anything else; cleaning helps to keep the product in working condition. The same is applicable to Wet Okole seat covers. Our shampoo was specifically designed to remove residue, micro-organism, and salt deposits all which can contribute to the degradation of the neoprene material. Since the seat covers are waterproof, you don’t even need to remove them. Just combine water with the shampoo and use a lint-free cloth wash them thoroughly. Then rinse with fresh water and towel dry. Doing this will prevent drying, aging, and oxidation.

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Car Seat Cover

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