Hawaiian Car Seat covers
Hawaiian Car Seat covers

Keeping your car clean can seem like a futile effort. Between the sand, water, dust, and flat out messiness of your family and friends, your car may look like a garbage pit after just a few months. Despite the relentless onslaught of dirtiness that your car comes in contact with, there are a few ways to try and keep your car’s cleanliness in check.

No Food Rule

The first way to help keep your car clean is to adopt a “no food” rule. Yes, this sounds like you are an old man yelling at kids to get off your lawn. However, food is one of the main reasons cars tend to get dirty so quickly. Despite your best efforts and the efforts of your friends, crumbs will fall. It is inevitable and unstoppable. Spills will happen. Forgetting that you had food with you in the car in the first place, will happen. What a lovely odor that will leave.

So in the end it comes down to how badly you want a clean car. Will you back down and let others eat in your car, or will you hold strong and only permit food outside of it?

Car Seat Covers

Another way, and an effortless way, to keep your car clean is to purchase waterproof seat covers. This is perfect to fight against some spills and for the trips to the beach. Unless it is a scorching hot day, the chances of you and your passengers being completely dry after the beach is pretty slim. Waterproof seat covers act like a wetsuit for the seats of your car. That way the material of your actual seat is not soaking up all of the chlorine filled water or saltwater. Both types of waters can cause harm or at least extra buildup on your seats over time.

Periodic Cleanouts

Finally, the best way to keep you car clean is to clean it. It sounds like a pretty basic idea but try and remember the last time you cleaned out your car. There is a very good chance you can’t remember. The more and more you let your car accumulate grime and garbage, the more daunting the cleanup task becomes.

Try to set a goal, whether it is monthly, quarterly, or twice a year that you do a thorough cleaning of your car. This can include going through all of the storage areas, under the seats, the trunk and more to trash anything worth trashing. Vacuum and scrub the car clean to give yourself that new car sensation.

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Tips to Keeping Your Car Clean

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