What to Ask for in a Car DetailWhen taking in your car in to get detailed for the first time, you might be unsure of what you are actually getting. It is complicated because every detailer typically has a handful of services and packages. So before you head to a detailer near you, review what to ask for in a car detail below.


Can you explain your detail process and what services/packages are offered?


You want to ask this question because it can vary heavily between detailers. Some “detail” services might only include a car wash, which actually shouldn’t be called a detailing service. It is important for you to be informed of the different packages that a detailer offers and what services or steps are included in each package. This can include a wash, polish, interior clean, and more.


How long will the treatment last?


As with many products out there, not all are created equal. Every detailer should be treating the exterior of your car with some type of sealant. Obviously there are different quality treatments. Ask your detailer how long they expect the treatment to last under ordinary conditions.


What type of soap do you use?


You might be wondering the type of soap even matters. It does. Some detailers might try to use dish detergent as opposed to car wash soap. Some detergents are harmful enough to strip wax and haze your paint. Obviously you want to go with the detailer that uses soap specifically made for vehicles.


What sealant is used?


There are a variety of sealants that detailers use on your car. Typically they are made from resin or wax. Many of these sealants can last up to half a year, protecting your car’s surface as long as it remains. The reason you want to ask about this is simply for your knowledge. You might come to find that one detailers sealant works long than others.


What is your method for cleaning the carpet?


There are two fairly common ways for carpets to be cleaned in a vehicle. After using soap to wash the interior, some detailers might simply vacuum the interior. Unfortunately this only cleans the surface, leaving behind any grime or soap that has made its way down further into the fibers. Heated extraction is a much more effective way to clean the majority of fabrics in vehicles. This is something that you want your detailer to offer.


What are holograms?


This sounds like an odd question to ask but it will give you a good idea of the quality of detailer. Hologram are hard to see streaks that are on your paint. It is usually easiest to see them after a rain. These are caused by improper polishing; either an improper removal of polish or an abrasive type. Quality detailers will know what holograms are and know how to prevent them. They can typically be prevented by properly applying and removing polish and using quality buffing pads, unlike the portable rotary buffers that most drive-through stations use.


Are you licensed and insured?


This last question is for peace of mind. An insured detailing service will be able to compensate you should damage come to your car. An uninsured detailing service might not be able to cover any damages that could arise if the detail process goes sideways.


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What to Ask for in a Car Detail

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